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You work hard for your money. We do too. Other Qualified Intermediary companies keep all of the interest earned on your funds. We believe you deserve to earn and keep better interest on your hard earned funds. That is why we have a simple fee structure – flat fee for forward and reverse transactions, and then we share a part of the interest. That way we are incentivized to partner with banks that give the most competitive money market account rate, and you win by earning a higher amount of interest. Save on your capital gains tax, earn on your exchange funds. 

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Transparency and Creativity in an Opaque Business

We started Global Partners Exchange (GPX) to address the lack of transparency and creativity that our commercial real estate clients received when thinking about tax planning options.  Clients weren’t adequately informed about how they could maximize financial efficiencies, and they weren’t given “outside the box” solutions that are the hallmarks of our other business lines.   We also noticed other small mistakes that seemed benign to the untrained eye, but could put a 1031 exchange in jeopardy and at risk of IRS back taxes and penalties.  We believe in higher standards for our clients.  So we created an exceptional 1031 company focused on attention to detail and client service.  GPX has been adding value to our clients’ real estate portfolios ever since.  We’d like to do the same for you.  

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Our Community

Global Partners Exchange is proud to give back to our community and inspire youth to be the next big deal-maker. We donate time and resources to local charities. We are proud to support their mission.